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Web Content Editor

Basic Function

StudyMoose is looking for a Web Content Editor who will be responsible for managing the content on the public-facing internet site. This role will manage content that engages, informs, and inspires users on internet sites; implement and manage web content using a content management system; implement social media strategies; develop and write text for publication on the web.

Develop and edit web pages using a content management system; proofread and edit page content, including page design layout, to ensure compliance with district-wide standards and industry best practices.

Work with subject matter experts to ensure grammatical quality and optimal comprehension of published online content. Write audience-targeted text to be posted to the web and portal by interviewing others and gathering information from internal and external sources. Create, edit and manage content such as graphics, photography, video, and text to ensure that it remains relevant, current, and has a consistent style and voice; ensure appropriate metadata is maintained for the content; manage the clearance and proofreading processes for content

Knowledge and abilities:
Knowledge of:

  • Superior writing and editing skills.
  • Experience with the specific conventions of writing and editing for the web.
  • Page layout and design of web pages.
  • Use and applications of computer equipment including scanner, digital camera,and printer.
  • HTML and CSS.
  • Interpersonal skills including tact, patience,and courtesy.

Ability to:

  • Develop, implement,and oversee the website.
  • Develop, implement,and oversee social media strategy.
  • Improve written content with attention to detail.
  • Work in a Content Management System.
  • Operate various software programs in the development and maintenance of the website.
  • Communicate effectively in writing.

Education and experience:

An associate degree or higher in communication, marketing, computer studies, or related field and two years of experience with web development and/or editorial experience. Proficient in web content management tools, SEO, and social media platforms.

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